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Awaiting the re-union with her sun-kissed tan skin, there she looks in the distance with hair as black and lustrous as obsidian 

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Everyone…I want to be a model but not just any model, a tiny “modoll”

#If you don't understand what I meant by *modoll* it's basically a combonation #of the word *model* and *doll* #Because I'm short I can't be a normal model or at least like those who walk down runways #I want to be a tiny model #A petite and pretty one that's like a tiny doll #Hehehe #After looking through the stores and seeing all these pricy clothes #I thought *Wouldn't it be nice to get paid to pose in these clothes and travel #the world doing photoshoots?* #I thought about it but there are things that I fear when it comes to the modelling industry #One: Because I'm naturally slim and becoming slimmer as the days go by #due to exercise my modeling company will ask me to stay in that same physique #and I fear that if I acquire a fanbase many of them will be young girls #who will be jealous and stunned by me and because of their admiration #towards my slim physique they would force themselves to lose weight and develop #an eating disorder #I wish that if I do become this tiny modoll that I want to be I hope I don't have a fanbase #but I hope that I still get to do photoshoots and be seen in billboards and magazine ads #One of my biggest fear-possibly my greatest-is culture appropriation #Everytime I think of modeling I think Pharrell Williams in that Elle Magazine #photoshoot where he posed in that Native American headdress #Such disrespect to the Native Americans #I really don't want to pose in any cultural adornments #Just in European style and a few traditional Mexican wear though I will still #respect my people's traditional wear and only wish to pose it in when it is appropriate