I would love to hug Richie at least once again. To have him curled up like a ball on top of lap and sigh through his small, black nose as he looks up at me. Or to hear him scratching my door in the morning because he wants to sleep on my bed, sharing the comfort of it with me. Or walk with him through the parks and call his name when he walks a bit too far from me and then run away from me as I get closer because he thinks we’re playing a game. Hehehehehehehe. He used to hop like a bunny when he ran too fast. He used to roll his tiny body on the green grass and bite it for some reason. He used to crouch before he jumped to the top of the couch, only to cuddle with my dad but my dad pushed him away so Richie jumped on an empty couch and on the edge, jumped off and landed on the couch my dad was on. Hahahahahahahaha. Oh that little dog was so amusing. Hehehehehehehe. He used to bring his little friends along for a small sleepover but my mom shooed them away because she thought that two dogs were enough but Richie brought some more over. Hehehehehehe.